Hi everyone! I am Cris!

I am one of the halfs of Bumpy Detour :people_holding_hands:
This blog is our step-by-step dream life build!
Jay and I met a couple of years ago while we were both living and working in London. Me working as a research assistant, him has head of marketplaces. Life was not bad, London is still an alluring eccentric city specially for young professionals. But we were craving adventure, travel, knowing new places living new cultures, living life in a more mindful and intentional way. Quickly we fell in love with our shared dreams - and ‘a bit’ with each other :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Soon we decided to stop daydreaming through life and start living the dream.
The sketch was simple… downsize - get a van - live on the road & travel the world! EASY! But not! Before we even start our journey we would have to… leave London - move to Corsica - leave our jobs - find our Van - reinvent our careers - move to Portugal - build the van - and finally HIT THE ROAD! :sweat_smile:
Because, who cares about straight lines?! we will be sharing with you all hits and bumps of our journey. Hope you buckle up :wink: